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· Rito Quemado Convenience Store, by Richard Torres
· Catron County Economic Development Board Members Selected
· Glenwood Woman's Club 2011-2012 Photo Contest
· National Rural Health Day
· Mr. Chavez' Third Grade Class, Quemado

Rito Quemado Convenience Store
By Richard Torres

QUEMADO, NM "Rito Quemado was actually once the name of this town. It was located a few miles east of its' present location. When the town was moved to its present site, Rito was dropped. This store name evokes our history," stated Tommy Padilla. He is the owner of the store, which sits on Main Street in Quemado, NM.

Rito Quemado offers gas (24/7), groceries, fast food, Ice, soda/coffee fountain, DVD movies, automotive products, lottery outlet, and a clean environment. "All employees work hard in providing fast, friendly service. We go the extra mile to keep everything neat, clean, and fresh," said Tommy.

The store opened in May 2010. "I leaned towards customer service in our building and site design. The store aisles are straight and wide. The women's rest room has three stalls. The courtyard in front has seating and shade for lounging. Motorcycle parking is available. RVs' and eighteen wheelers can be accommodated also," stated Tommy.

The interior is currently decorated festively with fall colors. Arranged throughout the walls are rugs and artwork depicting western lore. "My wife Joy outfitted the store. She also planted all the flowers in the pots outside in the courtyard," said Tommy.

Tommy is currently a New Mexico Livestock Board Inspector, and has worked in this department for twenty-three years. Joy works for the Quemado School System, and has worked there for twenty-eight years. They have been married for thirty-six years. Their daughter Stephanie is a Doctor with Lovelace Hospitals in Albuquerque. Their two sons-Kriston and Jared-own a demolition company in Queens Creek, AZ. "The name of their company is A3. The letter A is depicted on its side, known as a "lazy A." This symbol was actually my grandmother's brand. This brand dates back to 1910's. Our sons wanted to keep this part of our history alive," stated Tommy.

Mounted on a counter inside the store is a handmade sign from the students of Quemado Schools. The sign is a big thank you to the store for their assistance."Joy was involved in collecting school supplies for students through donations from the community. The community really stepped forward in providing students with pencils, paper, art supplies, and many other items," said Tommy. On a wall in the store is a huge community notice board. "This board is available for anyone in the community to utilize," stated Tommy.

He will soon be installing a propane exchange station. Call 575-773-4664 for store hours as they are varied. "Rito Quemado has a little something for everyone. Come visit us," said Tommy.

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Catron County Economic Development

CATRON COUNTY, NM The Catron County Commission recently approved the members of its newly formed Economic Development Advisory Board.

The board is filled by volunteers from local businesses and organizations. Its mission is to be the economic development eyes and ears of Catron County government, to advise the Commission on its economic plan for Catron County, and to provide oversight for economic development projects that utilize public funds.

The following people will sit on the Catron County Economic Development Advisory Board:

District 1: Ken Bostick
· District 2: Ann Menges
· District 3: Beth Menczer
· At Large: Linda Cooke
· At Large: Sally Blum
· Arts Subcommittee: Jennifer Swenson

Also on the Board:
· Catron County Manager Sarah Merklein
· Catron County Fire Marshall Zina McGuire
· Catron County Economic Developer Lif Strand
· County Commissioner Glyn Griffin

A network is being organized to get information out about economic opportunities, particularly in the areas of timber/ logging/fire prevention and arts/crafts. Any interested Catron County person may participate in economic development discussion.

More information on this will be at the economic development website for Catron County,

There is also a blog at for public notices and other information; people can also sign up to receive blog entries by email.

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Glenwood Woman's Club 2011-2012 Photo Contest

The Glenwood Woman's Club (GWC) is sponsoring a photo contest which is open to Catron County area residents of all ages. Winning photos will be featured at Glenwood Woman's Club and other special events in the community and possibly auctioned off with the proceeds to be used as a fundraiser for GWC (a non-profit organization supporting local charities and special needs).

Winners of the contest will receive the following:

First Prize: $100.00
Second Prize: $ 75.00
Third Prize: $ 50.00

To be Eligible: Any age may enter, but if you are under the age of 18, you must have the permission of parent(s) or legal guardian, and the permission form must be submitted along with your photo. All entries must be photographs taken by residents of Catron County . . . and all are to be original photos taken exclusively in the Catron County area of New Mexico between the dates of October 1, 2011 and August 31, 2012.

If there are recognizable people in your photo (there will not be an exclusive portrait category) then entries must also be accompanied by the attached Standard Photo Release Form.

How to Enter: Submit an entry form with an 8" x 10" glossy photo mounted on plain white foam board which is cut to measure 9 x 11. (Foam board is similar to poster board, only thicker, and may be purchased inexpensively at area thrift, art, or department stores.) The mounted photos submitted will become the property of the Glenwood Woman's Club to be used exclusively by GWC, and will be used for the purposes of judging and possible additional fundraising activity.

Each 8 x 10 glossy print must be clearly labeled on the back with the photographer's name, address, phone number, email address and where the photo was taken. If the appropriate information/forms are not submitted or the photographs are not submitted as required above, they will be returned without being judged.

Winning photographers maintain personal rights to their photograph but agree that the mounted photos entered are the property of the Glenwood Woman's Club, Glenwood, NM.

Categories of Photographs Submitted: Landscapes/Nature Wildlife/Animals Local Events Action/Recreational Activities

Final Deadline for All Entries is August 31, 2012

Photo Selection & Judging Judges and judging (yet to be determined) will occur after all the photos have been received and catalogued by the GWC Photo Contest Committee. Prizes will be announced and awarded by mail by December, 30, 2012. Entrants understand that all photos may be showcased at the Glenwood Community Center for viewing as coordinated with the Community Center Board and/or submitted to local publications for acknowledgment. The Glenwood Woman's Club, as represented in this case by the Photo Contest Committee, reserves the right to manage all entries, the rules and judging of the contest.

For All Forms, questions or information, and to submit entries, contact:

Durelle Freeman, P O Box 120, Glenwood, NM 575-539-2304, ~ OR Shirley Wallace, P O Box 282, Glenwood, NM 575-539-2646,

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National Rural Health Day

Join Hidalgo Medical Services in commemorating National Rural Health Day
November 17th, 2011

Rural communities are wonderful places to live and work, which is why nearly 62 million people - nearly one in five Americans - call them home. These small towns, farming communities and frontier areas are places where neighbors know each other, listen to each other, respect each other and work together to benefit the greater good. They are also some of the best places to start a business and test your "entrepreneurial spirit."

These communities provide the rest of the country with a wealth of services and commodities, and they are the economic engine that has helped the United State become the world economic power it is today.

These rural communities also have unique healthcare needs. Today more than ever, rural communities must address accessibility issues, a lack of healthcare providers, the needs of an aging population suffering from a greater number of chronic conditions, and larger percentages of un- and underinsured citizens. And rural hospitals - which are often the economic foundation of their communities in addition to being the primary providers of care - struggle daily as declining reimbursement rates and disproportionate funding levels make it challenging to serve their residents.

That is why the National Organization of State Offices of Rural sets aside the third Thursday of every November - November 17 in 2011 - to celebrate National Rural Health Day. National Rural Health Day is an opportunity to "Celebrate the Power of Rural" by honoring the selfless, community-minded, "can do" spirit of that prevails in rural America.

Let us all celebrate the gift of our local health care providers and organizations on National Rural Health Day and every other day as well! We know there is work to be done, but we also believe there is plenty to celebrate - and we invite you to join the celebration!

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Mr. Chavez's Third Grade
By Brandon Ungar

Mr. Chavez's third grade class at Quemado Elementary School did a social studies project sure to amaze. Because they don't really have time for hands-on projects, the amazing Mr. Chavez had them complete this project at home. There was 100% parent participation, an admirable fact - parents, you are to be commended!

The students built a mini-community that contains urban, suburban and rural components all in one. The quality of the project is really quite remarkable and all of the third graders did a terrific job. They actually made it look like a real community. Some kids had extra big portions while others had small ones, but altogether it was easily 10 feet long. Can you believe Mr. Chavez did not help with it? Anyway, if what I'm telling you isn't making you want to go check it out, then I don't know what will.



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