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Catron County News by Richard Torres

January 2011

The Trading Post on Highway 32

Bill Whalen, 55 years old, has always dreamed of operating his own store. "To be able to offer customers unique items . . . to converse with them about mutual topics . . .this is what I have always wanted to do," said Bill.

He is standing in the middle of his store pointing out one-of-a-kind items for sale. He offers pottery, glassware, house wares, linens, towels, candles, lamps, furniture, rugs, jewelry, and a host of other products sure to catch ones' eye. "I want my customers to have a comfortable shopping experience. In addition to products I have brought to sell, I offer items made by local artists. We have such talent in Catron County it is a pleasure to display and sell their wares," stated Bill.

He worked in Phoenix for over twenty five years in sales/marketing. When retirement called, and, mountain man in heart, he and his three dogs migrated and settled on thirty six acres just off Highway 32. "I converted this adobe building into the Trading Post. The tile floor is distinctive in that the color scheme is a result of a close-out sale . . . hence the multi-different colors. I have tried to keep a Southwest flavor to the décor," said Bill.

Community response has been positive since opening this past June. "Many local customers bring their guests to the Trading Post. It gives them an opportunity to shop, visit, and purchase unique gifts," said Bill.

When not tending the Trading Post, he is off hiking and/or taking pictures of the countryside. He is a member of the Apache Creek Volunteer Fire Dept., and a University of New Mexico graduate (1975). He has participated in county-wide events such as the Pie Town Festival and Reserve Craft Show. In his travels, he is always on the lookout for just those special products to bring back and offer to his customers.

Bill hopes to expand his building." Currently I have maxed-out my floor space, and I would like to offer so much more. I also intend to have special upcoming events, such as a Valentine Day gift sale, soon," stated Bill. The Trading Post is located three miles north of Highway 12 on Highway 32, just 3/10th miles off road. Winter store hours are in effect. Bill can be reached at 575-533-6396 for additional information.


Catron County Solid Waste Notice

ATTENTION: All Catron County Property Owners & Businesses

The Solid Waste Collection Program in Catron County will be changing as of January 2011 based on new Ordinance #001-2010 by Catron County Commission.

The communities in Road Districts 2 & 3 which include (but are not limited to) Reserve, Luna, Glenwood, Apache Creek, Cruzville, Rancho Grande and Aragon will be using a punch card system for trash disposal.

The annual billing will be mailed in January to all property owners and businesses. You will be responsible to pay an annual fee of $72.00 plus $3.60 gross receipts. In return you will receive two punch cards worth $36.00 each. Trash disposal will be based on the volume disposed of. Rate charts will be at each Collection Center and the attendants will punch your card prior to disposal of waste. When you have used up the value of your punch cards, new cards can be purchased at the Catron County Treasurer's Office. Cash payments will be allowed on site at a secure payment drop box. (No change for payments will be available). All previous balances due must be paid in full prior to receiving your punch card.


REMINDER: All large items i.e. furniture, washers, dryers, tires, paint etc. will have to be taken to the Reserve or Glenwood Convenience Centers. Rims must be removed from tires before bringing to Convenience Centers.

Thank you to all the citizens in Catron County for your patience and understanding during our time of transition with our Solid Waste program. Please continue to dispose of your solid waste the way you are until the annual billing is received, at that time we will start implementing the punch card system.

Please call the County Treasurer's Office with any questions at 575-533-6384.


Chatauqua in Glenwood

The Glenwood Woman's Club presents

Theodore Roosevelt: Rough Rider President
By Actor Randy Milligan of Carlsbad, New Mexico

A Chatauqua promoted by the New Mexico Humanities Council Saturday, January 15 7:00 pm at the Glenwood Community Center

$5.00 for adults and no charge for children. Refreshments will be served

Step back in history. The setting is 1912. Theodore Roosevelt is traveling through the West campaigning for the Bull Moose Party and the 1912 election.

Randy Milligan will give his dynamic portrayal of “Teddy” Roosevelt's colorful personality and great energy.

Roosevelt was the 26th U.S. president, serving for two terms. He was largely responsible through his conservation efforts for the national parks in the West including the Grand Canyon & Mesa Verde. As a hero of the Spanish-American War, he led a calvary force (as he put it) “of cowboys and college graduates” who came to be known as the Rough Riders. His fierce love of outdoor sports became the hallmark of his character.


9th Annual Dutch Oven Cook-Off

9th Annual Dutch Oven Cook-Off in Glenwood, New Mexico
has been set for March 26!

It's not that far off, so get ready!

The Committee will be meeting in January to finalize the details and new plans, but here's a preview . . .

- There will be LOTS of great food this year, as Tasting Plates (samples from the Dutch Oven cooks) will be complemented with Bucky Allred's Barbeque, potato salad, and more!
- Ladies from the Glenwood Woman's Club volunteered to bring (extra) desserts this year!
- We will be enlisting Sponsors this year to make this event even better - to increase prize monies for the winning Cooks. (Any business owners who are interested in being Sponsors, get in touch with us!)
- A new Dutch Oven Cookbook will make its appearance at this year's Cook-Off. (Anyone with a great Dutch Oven recipe is invited to submit it for this year's edition. Just email it to Gale Moore at

Come Try Your Hand at 'Black Pot' Cookin'!

Dutch Oven cooks - either amateur or proficient - are invited to come compete this year!

In previous years, we've had local folks, as well as those from other places in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. All are welcome!

It's a fun event, and for a good cause . . . the benefit of the Glenwood Community Park, where the event is held each year!

Contact Leah Jones . . . (575) 539-2800 or by email ~

More Details to Come by Email, and in February's Gazette!



The Trading Post on Highway 32

Catron County Solid Waste Notice

Chatauqua in Glenwood

9th Annual Dutch Oven Cook-Off

Red Paint PowWow Cancelled

Why Help Your Local Fire Department


Gardening Catalogs

Dream of Spring with Gardening Catalogs

Few things are more pleasurable than “cocooning” in the wintertime — wrapping up in a warm blanket on the couch with a hot chocolate, reading, and dreaming of spring.

Spring gardening catalogs (featuring seeds, plants and tools) are fun to peruse in the wintertime.

Some are actual (free) catalogs, some are online only. Go online and order catalogs now, and plan your spring gardens!

Backyard Gardener …
Burpee Company
Ferry-Morse Seeds
Park Seed
Stokes Seeds
Seeds of Change
Pinetree Garden Seeds
Territorial Seed Company
Renee's Garden
Plants of the Southwest
Country Flower Farms
Graceful Gardens
Plow and Hearth
Lilypons Water Gardens
Wayside Gardens Gardener's Supply Company

Also think about starting seedlings indoors, so they'll be ready to put in the ground when the frosts are past.


Red Paint PowWow Cancelled

The Red Paint Tribal Council would like to thank all their supporters for the assistance and caring they have given to the Red Paint Powwow.

Unfortunately, the 8th Annual Red Paint Powwow and Indian Market that was to be held Jan. 21, 22, & 23, 2011, at the Grant County Business & Conference Center has been cancelled.

Undoubtedly due to the current economic situation, The Council has not received enough funds to guarantee coverage of costs of the Red Paint Powwow. The Council hopes that Red Paint Powwow enthusiasts will stand by for future news on the next Powwow.

Thank you all, again, for your support. We will be back!

Why Help Your Local Fire Department

Why help your local
Volunteer Fire Department?
Because We Need You!

By Zina Day-McGuire, Catron County
Fire Marshal/Wildfire Prevention Coordinator

Ways That You Can Help

The twelve Catron County Volunteer Fire Departments have three Volunteer Fire Department Membership Programs:

1.) Fire Operations,
2.) Fire Corps, and
3.) Junior/Youth Firefighter

Let me explain in more detail:

Fire Operations is just that . . . anything to do with suppression of a fire or other emergency. For example," Fire Operations" needs volunteer apparatus drivers, pump operators, and firefighters. Fire Operations' members may also be asked to respond to natural or man-made disasters, vehicle accidents and hazardous material incidents. These positions due require
specialized training and clearance.

Fire Corps, on the other hand, is a component of the National program "Citizen Corps" that supports and supplements resource-constrained fire departments through the use of citizen advocates for non-operational activities.

Citizen advocates, who aid fire departments in non-operational activities, allow fire first responders to focus their efforts on the most critical, life-threatening situations. Everyone can do something to support their local fire service! Here are some ideas of much needed help that can be provided to your local volunteer fire departments:
Fire department recruitment activities, logistics, bookkeeping, data entry of fire reports, secretarial activities, development of department websites, fundraising initiatives, grant writing, writing informative newsletters or brochures, fire prevention activities and programs in schools and communities, station maintenance, cleaning fire apparatus, community preparedness activities, development and maintenance of fire department libraries, just to name a few.

Fire Corps members have the opportunity to give back to their country, their state, and their communities through the hours they volunteer. They will gain invaluable insights into our volunteer fire service and how it works. The fire department will strive to match your skills with their needs.

The Junior/Youth Firefighter Program was created by the National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC), in partnership with Dunkin' Brands Community Foundation and Spartan Motors, Inc. in 2007. The program supports fire departments by fostering relationships and engaging youth in learning about, and ultimately becoming members of the fire service.

Junior firefighter programs give young people the chance to learn about local fire organizations in a safe, controlled, educational, and fun way while providing departments with an excellent recruitment mechanism.

The Catron County Fire Chiefs' Association adopted the National Jr. Firefighter Program for Catron County on July 1, 2009. Junior members must be 14 years of age to join and can participate until 18 years of age as a Jr. Member.

For more information about any of the three membership programs, please go to ~ ~ to find applications and more membership information and forms.

You can also call the Catron County Fire Marshal's Office at (575) 533-6470 and request membership applications.

Thank you for your support of your local Catron County Volunteer Fire Departments!



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